Cuts, Trims & Shaves

$39.00 — Haircut

$27.17 — BUZZ CUT


$36.58 — Shave


$70.02 — Haircut & Shave


$21.00 — Beard trim


$31.35 — Facial


$17.77 — Maintenance shape up


$16.00 — machine hand vibrating massage

$62.70 —Royal bone-shave

A classic preparation shave. With and against the hair grain to get the smoothest look. Concluded with our facial, and a classic machine hand vibrating massage. (50 minutes)


Maintenance between haircuts

Touchups and edge ups between appointments (for existing customers)

Hair Wash

Shampoo and conditioner after your cut.


Beer, wine, and spirits.

hot eucalyptus-soaked towel

Essential oils relax and soak into the skin before or after a cut or shave.

Machine massage

The old-school end to your barbershop trip—head, neck, and shoulders massaged by a classic handheld massage machine.